Tapered bits

I’m using a Tapered Angle Ball Bit and I’m having issues with the cut settings. When I enter the setting it’s telling me the cut will take anywhere from 13 to 23 hours of cut time. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • With V-bit running (Easel Pro) the step-over is 5% by default.
  • With a large carve many passes/steps are required to cover the design

If you use shallow passes this means the bit will pass several times as it goes incrementally deeper.

So, three options:

  • Utilize a 2stage carve where one larger flat end mill do the bulk of material removal
  • Decrease depth of the overall design
  • Set depth per pass to full depth

Which method is better depend on several factors we have no information about.
Share the file if you can, screenshot may work too and include som feed rate/depth per pass information and we can tell more.

Are you doing a 3D carve?
Are you doing a roughing pass first?
What are your settings?

I’m using a 1/8bit first to do the clearing, but using the tapered but for detail. I just don’t know what Stettin supposed to use

I’m using a 2 stage carve. But I don’t think I’m entering the settings correct for the 2nd stage with the tapered bit

There’s really know way for Easel to correctly calculate toolpaths for a bit like that. Are you calling it a v-bit? Can you share the project?