Tapered depth line

Is there a way in Easel to make a line with tapered depth? So a line that starts at a depth of 0.25" and tapers down to 0.5" at the end?

Not in Easel. At least not easy. The only way would to set up a series of pockets and set each one at a different depth. You would be creating small steps going deeper with each pocket. Would require quite a bit of sanding.

Easel dont support tapered depth. You can draw incremental depth but not make a continuous slope.
You can make a taper depth using other software, and Easel can send it - but not generate it.

You could, design allowing, simply lift one side of your work piece say 0.25" up and do a regular cut.

Can you mount your material at a slope that replicates your desire taper?
Just a thought?

Wow! All great information. I like the idea of raising the material .25 and doing a normal cut. Need some additional information about the project that you are working on.