Tapered wood screw hole

I have created several tapered wood screw ‘objects’ that I copy and paste to several locations on my work (they are just concentric circles that cut deeper as the circles get small).

Is there a way to turn that into an object that can be added, moved and erased easily?

I can copy and paste them where I need them, but if I want to move or delete them I have to delete/move each of the 10 circles that create the taper.


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Just select all the circles together and you can move them as a group

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you could DRAG to select more than 1.

OR with the recent update you can even create groups, once grouped it is a single click to select that grouping.

Ah, grouping! I didn’t catch that update, thanks.

One small problem, some objects don’t group. The tapered wood screw hole works with grouping, but to other standard cuts I make for electrical connections don’t group.

Are there rules or restrictions with grouping?

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I havent really used it past the first day it was released. Possibly issues with groupong and adding more iteme to an existing group maybe you have to ungroup, select mode and then group again… im not positive though

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