Tapped Makerslides in kit!

Yo! I’m assembling my X-Carve and found the Makerslides have all been tapped. This was a pleasant surprise as I was not looking forward to this step. After assembling the Makerslides, I think that it would have been somewhat difficult to do. I very much appreciate you guys making this build that much easier. I’m still not finished with my assembly (at electronics step), but getting closer…

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It’s nice they provide the MS already tapped, but I didn’t find the tapping process problematic at all when assembling my SO2 a year ago. Al it takes is a little lube and a tiny bit of patience to get it done.

Practically next door! I’m 16,000km away from Inventables. Time and money involved for delivery but at least I don’t have the Customs hassles that you do. No duty, no tax.

Lucky… The thread-forming screws aren’t that bad, provided you use lubricant (WD-40, machine oil, etc)…

I started my X-axis/Y-plates without any lubricate, and was crying by the last screws on the 2nd Y-plate. It was a nightmare, and I was trying not to strip the tops of the screws by using sheer force with my T-handle torx driver. It was horrible… Fortunately I had the presence of mind to use oil with the rest of the makerslide, and was lucky (and strong) enough to be able to brute the 2nd Y-plate onto the makerslide before it could seize up without becoming flush with the plate.

However, my Z-axis makerslide was tapped, so that was cool.

To this day I have no idea why I didn’t lubricate the X-axis makerslides before screwing them into the Y-plates. That was the most hellish thing I had experienced in a while. I thought I was going to have to end up buying replacement makerslides. Which would have been a severe blow to my fragile ego.


wait, what?


Yes we are transitioning away from the untapped style. Shortly (if not already) all units will be shipped with tapped MakerSlide.

We did it in response to customer feedback.


I just received 4 Makerslide rails yesterday and they were already tapped. Nice surprise.

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good thing to make it tapped
i ordered mine on christmass and it came without it
I broke a srew on the second taping…

so i bought an tapping tool M5, but for the makerslide with the broken screw… well… i’ve tried to drill it but i it dint go straight =’(

now i think my x-axis is twisted due to the srew that isnt well straight with the hole in the plate

Man I wished I had that happen to me. I went balls to the wall and used a drill…

Zach, when did you transition to tapped Makerslides?

Mine was shipped on Dec 14 and I received it Dec 29, but haven’t opened it yet.

I do have the correct drill bit and tap necessary to tap it.

Just curious. :slight_smile:

I ordered mine on 11/30/2015 (500mm) and mine where tapped

Hi Angus,

I got a couple of 5mm-0.8 taps and an 11/64" drill bit. But if all I need to do is just use the tap (with plenty of lubricant), then I am fine with that.

I tapped mine with just the tap and lube, there was no need to drill.