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Taylor T3/B Style Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

I’m excited to share my Taylor T3/B inspired built. Before we go into details… pics!

This guitar features a mahogany/walnut body, flame maple top, walnut neck, and ebony fingerboard. I used an X-Carve 1000mm for all body/top carving, hogging out the body. cutting out the neck/fretboard, marking fret slots, and cutting inlays. Obviously a ton of non-CNC work as well (headstock scarf joint, sanding, binding, scraping, fret sawing, etc).

I actually cut out the neck first so I could visualize the final guitar:

After sawing fret slots and working out the inlays:

Hogged out the body and testing the top before cutting out and sanding:

Cut out and ready to start the real magic!

Fretboard cleaned up:

Binding applied, final test before electronics setup and glue-up:


Stringing it up for the first time to see how bad the frets needed leveling. Spoiler alert: really bad.

About 6 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Urethane

And finally… my dad taking her for a spin! As silly as it sounds… I actually can’t play :open_mouth:


Very well executed!

Amazing. Very nice indeed.

Really nice project :slight_smile:

I can also relate, dont play the guitar but nevertheless aspire to make one :rofl:

Most excellent!