I am just curious if anyone has heard from Luke at TBD CNC? I know they are running several weeks behind on fulfilling orders, but I ordered some stiffeners about six weeks ago and he has not responded to my inquiries. I hope all is alright with Luke and Katelyn.

Looks like they had some issues at the new place and just posted an update this morning. I ordered belts, stiffeners, and a new Z-Axis. I did receive the belts but I am still waiting on the rest of the order.

Greg have you received any reply’s to correspondence sent? I get the whole changing shops and notifying of a 4 week lead time but don’t ignore your customers. No responses to any questions in a month. Are there better options for the stiffeners and z -axis upgrades?

Best z axis ever

Also you can order belt end clips here. He also gives you $20 in files with every purchase. He’s helped me with many issues. Always replies.


Hey guys -

We’ve had a really rough month or two, but we’re alive and kicking. Katelyn is recovering well from her knee surgery, and our plumbing problems with the new shop seem to be resolved (fingers crossed). Also with the move we lost our shop help, so we’ve had to get a new employee trained up.

But, we’re keeping a positive attitude and everything seems to be looking up. Sorry for the delays, it’s become really apparent lately that we don’t get to pick the cards we’re dealt, just the way we play them.

  • Luke