TBD X, Y axis Screw drive

Hello all!

Need some help, I did the TBD upgrade last year. I have been having issues with one of the y axis slipping and not traveling along with the other.
I don’t know if it’s due the V-Wheels or the little plastic piece on the screw.

I don’t know how tight these plastic pieces need to be(see picture).

Also how would I know if it’s the V-Wheels that are the issue.
I’ve tried emailing TBD to no avail.
Been trying to get the pdf versions of the installation / recalibrations instructions of the upgrades
Any help is appreciated as I am currently dead in the water and not able to produce anything.

It should be loosened until there is wiggle slop and then slowly tightened until there is no more slop.

Its called an anti-backlash block, that term in your search might help find more info :+1:

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Thanks! They were tightened to the appropriate level yet is still had that run away right axis.

Does anyone on here have the y screw drive kit installed on their x carve that can point me in the right direction?

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So I re-tighten everything and did a once over on the machine yet still lost my right y axis in the middle of a calibration cut. Could a bent extrusion be the cause? V wheels tighten/looseness maybe?

Notice first picture with the double circle. Also this was cut using the easel recommended settings

with the lead screw conversion, did you have to adjust your $120 & 121 settings? Since the whole website is basically converted to a “we are part of Inventables now” i can’t find the instructions beyond the assembly video on YouTube.

well 2 more minutes of the correct terms in google and I found the pdf… did you happen to follow all of these steps?

Thanks for the reply. But I found the pdf using the terms I knew last week right after I posted.
It was hidden on the tbd page.

Yep I’ve followed the steps to the T.

These just help 1” on the computer translate to 1” in actual movement.

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120 and 121 remained the same. Only thing I needed to change was 100 & 101

The xcarve defaults have these at 500, not 250🤷‍♂️

Let me clarify though I’m not saying that this is definitely the problem either btw… but if acceleration is set too high it can cause a loss of steps however I wouldn’t expect it to occur where yours did, not if accel is the issue anyway

You can benefit from more torque by tuning those potentiometers per the silkscreen on the board… turning them up to the angle for 2.8

Hmm, I’ll triple check tomorrow. What do you think of my theory of maybe non functioning v wheels or a bent makerslide?

So after a lot of research, frustration and help, I may have found the fix. Like you suggested I went back and looked at the potentiometers. I followed the Manhattan wood projects video on calibration of these and it seems like all my issues are gone. I did a few test carves today and will do a few more tomorrow before I call this a win. Thanks again Seth!!

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