Tele Tramp stamp

Always wanted to do an epoxy inlay on a guitar and so far the results are pretty positive. Gotta love a 60 degree V bit, some white paint and epoxy!


Beautiful work! Did you carve the body on the x-carve as well?

Yes, this was my first attempt at a B-Bender and the routing did not turn out so I had to do some serious “fixin” to salvage the body. You can see the 1" plug just above the inlay on the right for the string tower. The other side has a big ol honkin cherry inlay plug. Still a functional guitar and semi hollow.

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Here is the back…



Where do you get the epoxy for the inlay?

Home Depot $24

I went to home depot yesterday, and they told me they don’t have anything like that.
What is the brand name of it?

I found this where they have the floor finishing stuff

I’ll go back again tomorrow.
Does it come in colors?
I want to do something with black.

No, it’s clear. I Just sprayed some white paint into a separate cup and mixed it with epoxy.

Thanks for the info.
I’m going to try it.

It looks fantastic by the way…

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Hey Jan, I’ve been using . This stuff works well and has a 1 to 1 mix rate. I’ve been using an acrylic paint color I got from Walmart. I fill all routed areas with shellac let it dry fill with epoxy and then give it 3 days to set. After that I can plane and sand it. Here are a couple of pictures. Disregard the content. We do what we can to make money. you’ll see what happens if you don’t use a sealer in one of the pictures. Hope this helps.


After palning but before sanding.

Using shellac


Very nice work.
I’m going to try my hand at that also.

I love Shellac, great for sealing and base coats!

They’ve gone over Bigly.