Test Carve completed! Check it out let me know what you all think?


First I would like to thank the Inventables Team.
Second a shout out to Paul, what a patient man.
Since I had a lot of time to spare due to waiting for the controller to arrive…I did some upgrades to the shop and the X-Carve table.
Than this morning the controller finally arrived via FEDEX…20 minutes later testing begins…
5 hours later…well you can see the results!
Very impressed with this 1000 mm machine. What a beast!
I guess I got lucky…I did not have any issues with set up or instructions or even the machine being out of square after assembly, good to go no adjustments.
How is that possible? well, I took my time setting up.:sunglasses:


That’s why you don’t have problems. Congratulations!

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Your project looks awesome!

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Thank You! PhillipLunsford.

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My first project was not that nice. You went all in. :+1:

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I figured go Big or Go home! What better way to test a machine than to put it trough it’s pace for 5 hours.
I admit I was watching it like an Eagle…but no fails or skips… I tested the pause function and I love it!
The feed rate that it was able to keep up was amazing, a sharp bit helps as well. Taking big bites like it was butter. Very impressive.
I guess I’m a big kid with a new awesome Toy!

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Very nice. Feels good when things come together the first time. Better than my first carve by a long shot.


Thank you!

Not to diminish any of your efforts, but my guess is also we don’t usually hear the people getting started without troubles. We only get to hear the ‘i have a problem’ stories which may give a skewed vision on success rate.

So thank you for sharing and great result! I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying that on my first carve.

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That is really nice, do you have CNC experience from previous work?

So after completing the build and setup what is your opinion of the build instructions and quality of the parts? Anything you wish had been better explained?

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Thank you! xfredericox.
I will post pictures of the final product. I noticed the same thing when reading posts in the forum.
So i decided to share my experience with the X carve.

Thank you! AllenMassey

For the Experience portion, I have a gear head(Mechanical Brain).
CNC experience? None, just eager to learn more as I go along.
I will say that I can be very meticulous with any project, I tend to be stubborn.
As far as the build and parts…

The instructions were very clear to me, most of the assembly I believe did not even require instructions. I followed them any way just to ensure I did not miss any thing. They are written sort of what I’m used to HS level instruction manuals.

The parts…
I’m very familiar with the material used for the frame (AEROSPACE FIELD).
I would not change any thing on it as of right now, the machine is more than capable to do what I need, thus why I purchased the X carve instead of others in the market. After a long research about materials, design, and simplicity I could not turn away.

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Impressive first carve. Welcome!

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Thank you!

Have you picked a your CAD/CAM software yet?


I’m using Vetric VCarve Desktop 9.0.
I tried Fusion 360…too much for me for right now.
I also like Easel for simpler jobs, like cutting frames and simple shapes quick and easy.
The hole tool was just added also I like that option because instead of drilling after I just place the holes where I need and how deep.
For the laser that I’m working on I will be using LIGHTBURN. seams like a very good software for a generic laser machine…very inexpensive as well.

What do you use for CAD/CAM?

I use Vcarve 9.0 for 90% of what I do and Aspire 8.0 for the little bit of true 3D design I need to get done.

Like you I tried Fusion 360 and decided it was beyond the scope of what I was willing to learn. I keep telling myself that I will try it again, but so far I am very happy with the Vectric products.

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