Test Carve

Finally got my first test carve done.
The cut was perfect, beautiful and smooth, but

Can anyone give me any pointers?

Did you swap the X and Y motor connections?

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The homing sequence works fine - so am unsure what’s going on.

When it homes, does the gantry move towards you or away from you?

This might be an orientation issue.


That image from the Instructions shows the proper orientation. X and Y zero are the lower left corner as you’re looking at the machine in the image.

Hi Justin
The gantry moves toward me and the router to the left - looking at the machine.
True, but when I started caring at the X and Y 0 (the orange dot) the X Carve was carving air as per the yellow squiggle.
When I moved to the pink dot out of frustration - the carve is as you see it.
I’m wondering if there is a setting in Easel to mirror or flip that I may have not reset.

In Easel, when you click the Carve button, on the first screen there’s jog controls on the right side of the screen. For the Y axis, clicking the up arrow should move it away from you. If it doesn’t, rerun the machine setup which, if they fixed it, should change the Y direction. If it still doesn’t work, either follow the post that Phil linked or contact Inventables Customer Success…they’re helpful and that’s why they are there.

Thanks for all the help - working fine now.
As everyone suggested the Y axis was on the fritz.
Easel took care of that as soon as I confirmed.
Cheers All