Test carving GUN grips

Owch that hurt…:kissing_heart:

Try stabilizing them.

Wood hardener. The best is to vacuum them, while they are submerged in the hardener. This draws it into the wood, kind of plasticize it.

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You can use a auto bleeder and a vacuum sealer attachment for mason jars to get started if you wanna keep the price down. place jar in big cheese puff container just in case the jar would have a week spot. It will not violently implode but if it would happen to break it will contain the mess. Unless you use a pump like mine then yes it could violently implode.


This is my pump

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What bit? 1/8" ball mill?

Brake bleeder for me too. With home depot barbed fitting on a pickle jar…

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It looks pretty good. I’m assuming it was done in vcarve? I’ve been wanting to do some 1911 grips for my pistols and it’s nice to see some success. How does the x carve handle checkering? I’m curious if it can hold enough accuracy.

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Have you actually done a fit check on a 1911? I’ve bought boards, made the Gcode and such using Fusion360 for some basic grips but haven’t had time to cut them. My plan is to buy a 1911 for fit checks and marketing purposes once I get some milled out. It’s hard getting time away from the business that’s already making money and from the full time job.

Wouldn’t it be just as good to find the layout of the 1911 frame online and cut the frame with mounting holes to size out of HDPE or wood to test fit? I mean any reason is a good reason to add a 1911 to the collection but if its just for fitting grips I could make some fine grips out of some real expensive stuff for the cost of a 1911. Just a thought.


Marketing and R&D are legitimate business expenses…


True dat!

Several pistols use 1911 grip panels such also the ruger 22/45 lites, and they run about 1/3rd the cost.

On a similar topic, I’ve also been considering doing some AK furniture on my xcarve. I’ve never taken on that kind of complexity, and obviously you would have to flip/mirror the cut in two passes. I wonder how difficult that would be.

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Is there a basic shape file available somewhere for these grips? I found one set on GrabCAD but they were slightly too tall for the 1911 I have when I test fit. I’m still in the kindergarten phase of learning fusion 360 so I’m having difficulty modifying those drawings so hoping there is another file available to start from

Thanks! I’ll have to have another look, I only remembered seeing the one :+1:t2:

I’m looking for a file for the compact. I have a browning 1911-380 that I would love to make custom grips for. I don’t yet have true 3d software for my cutter, however, that is coming soon.