Tested Article by Bill Doran

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Bill Doran published an excellent article on Tested covering how to use the X-Carve to fabricate more advanced prop components. Definitely something I’d like to check out, particularly 3D carving. Has anyone else ventured into the scary, forbidden lands?


Hadn’t seen that, thanks! I’m not sure if it was the movie prop nerd or the gun nerd in me that automatically assumed those were Mauser-ish grips for a Star Wars blaster, but I wasn’t disappointed either way. :smiley:

What’s interesting is that Han Solo’s blaster was based on (or built from) a MGC Mauser. Now that I look at it, the grips are almost identical to Rey’s blaster.

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Fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing this…it’s a superb article!!

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I just recently got an xcarve and started getting into 3d cuts with the ultimate goal of using this for prop making. Ive been modeling and generating gcode in fusion 360.

I initially wanted to cut this piece first, but Ive come to realize that there just isnt enough Z room to make it work. I am going to have to modify my x-carve a little to allow for a removable floor and some special clamping system to do something like this. Im going to start looking into mods today, which is actually why im on the forums =).


Cut3d can do it.
you can slice it up based on z size.
If you want I can slice it up and get you the gcode as I have cut3d.
If not me then there are others here who have it as well.

Mind elaborating? I’m curious what you mean by slice based on z size. Meaning it can slice the model into 3 stacked pieces (for example) that you’d cut separately and glue afterward?

yes it can do just that. create slices or sections and you glue them afterwards.(Looking at the pic again it looks like it is under the 2.5 inches and would be easily done in one piece. If you drop out the waste board and put in a 1 inch lower section you could get it to work for sure. I have not experimented with that as I do not have a large place yet to work.
I am running my system out of a room and I have had to use cheap materials to cover it so as not to get sawdust everywhere.
The mask is segmented with raised parts so some of that can be broken up then assembled it would create less work.
I still think 3d printing it would be a much better way to go. You can do the whole thing and just do a bit of cleanup afterward. If you do go the 3d printing route you can either find a maker or use shapeways to make it. If you do decide on 3d printing it I would clean up the geometry first. I can see ngons that are 5 or more sided and the slicing tools choke on them. Just use netfabb basic and it will fix it.
I have created the visor my avatar is wearing for a movie makeup house. I didn’t paint and dress it up but I did 3d print it out for them.

Another approach that just came to mind.
If you make a master mold with an inner and outer part you could use mold making techniques to get the desired looks.