Texas related projects?

Hey all, just wanna see some of your guys’ Texas projects you’ve done. My company is trying to put together something to sell, and all proceeds be donated to the Hurricane Harvey efforts.

I hope anyone who is from Texas here is doing okay, i’ve personally already lost contact with one of my customers cause shes in Texas. God bless to everyone.


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That’s very cool. :sunglasses: I lived in Houston during Tropical Storm Allison and it was pretty intense (e.g. people drowning in elevator shafts, etc.). I was flooded in at my apartment so took my Hobie catamaran sailing down the highway… My heart goes out to everyone affected by Harvey. I also think we should look into why we keep having 100-500 year floods every few years.

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I’m still newish the having my own cnc machine, so I haven’t started doing anything 3D yet, or engravings. So I don’t know how useful your vectors will be for me particularly. I’d hate for you to go out of your way.

This is what i’ve come up with so far, i’ll be doing a few different combos of paint and stain.


All of my designing is through Easel, my running software is Mach 3.

There was something similar to this that was shared here previously, but here is an SVG that I’ve cleaned up some.

I’ll be buying vcare next in a couple weeks. I’m curious what how your cuts are gonna come out with such a big bit?

Nice! I can’t wait to start doing inlays… which im assuming by the drawing you showed me, looks like the inner parts are inlays.

I think the way that I saw it initially, the inner areas were pocketed and painted to match the state flag.

Oh nice! Regardless though there’s some carving that has to be done it looks like. I haven’t done carves yet, really looking forward to getting VCarve though!

Just pockets. About 22 mins with a 1/8" bit. Feed 60ipm, Plunge 40ipm, DoC 0.0625" It’ll fit on a chunk of 1x12

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I understand what you are saying, that’s just not what I was doing. I left a raised border and divider.

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Gotcha, so i can do “pockets” without v carve then.

What tool path are you using for these?

If you’re planning to sell that map in Texas, you’re going to have to make Texas at least twice as big…

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Why so? I got the size of texas by overlapping it of a svg of the united states, and resized it till it fit.

Does it matter what type of bit for the pockets? All i have right now is 1/8" downcuts.

Sorry for all the questions, i’m still learning haha.

On down time i try to just pick a random topic in the forum and read up on it haha, its done me some good. I just appreciate how helpful everyone on here is!

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A bit of a joke “It’s bigger in Texas”.

But in vcarve with the 1/4" that’s everything or just the cut out