Texas state silhouette with US flag overlay

I downloaded the Texas state outline from the internet, as well as a generic U.S. flag bitmap. Designed in Aspire, sent to X-carve with UGS. Made it in small scale (about 6"), and I’m going to attempt to make a much larger one soon!


I’m a native Texan who just happens to live in south Georgia now. :frowning:

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How is that finished? I’m so intrigued. Beautiful by the way!

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The wood is cherry, and a walnut stain was used for the border, stars, and stripes. Natural stain for the rest.

what did you use to keep the stain so cleanly on the raised parts?

Thanks for the kind comments! I use a really small paint brush to apply the stains. Most of the time I can keep it from bleeding over by going very slow near the edges.

That looks great! I would love making something like that as going away gifts for my guys here. Thanks for sharing.

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That looks awesome

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So, I went larger scale on this, using a “reject” cabinet door panel (because of the split at the top-middle) that I was able to acquire. It’s about 18" square. The frame is stained Jacobean, as well as the stripes and stars. The outer background is stained pickled oak, and the flag background is stained natural. I must give credit to my wife, as she is the one that does the vast majority of the staining/painting on our projects.


Great work! I’m still practicing the two color stain! I love it!

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Thanks!!! I’m really digging how they are turning out with 2+ stains.

Which method do you use?

We just use a sponge or cloth to apply the stain on the large areas, and use small brushes for the rest. After the stain dries, we spray some poly clear coat on.

Thanks Robert!

Can you share the file? I don’t have have aspire but can send it using UGS…

I could share the g-code files I have for this, but it is set up for my particular machine feeds/speeds, specific bits, and the material dimensions that I used. You would have to match those identically, otherwise you’ll run into a lot of problems.

If you send me the material type/dimensions, as wells as the bits you will use and the feed/speeds, I can probably modify the file I have in Aspire and post the three g-code files for you (1st is finishing pass with ball end mill, 2nd is an inside profile cut of the silhouette about 1/4 of material thickness, and the 3rd is an outside profile cut-out w/ tabs).

I have a made a few of these… I have also started doing a Texas flag overlay… These Texas folks will buy anything in the shape of Texas :slight_smile:

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you can stain and seal the whole piece. and then sand or plane the top part off to reveal unfinished wood again and then restain and seal the newly exposed wood.

That’s awesome good job! I’ve seen something similar to this floating around Facebook since then I’ve gotten orders for 4 I charge 100$ for 24" in pine easy money, I’m actually working on a v carve version with text for fallen hero memorial plaques!

Here’s one of them.