Texas State Wall Hanging

Relatives in TX asked me to create two different Texas state maps (22"X24", 3/4" plywood, minwax colored stains applied, polyurethane- 2 coats) - one with stars and stripes inside and one with the Texas map inside. I think I prefer the TX map inside better


Nice work. Those Texans love their state.

Thanks. Yes, I agree -Texans love their state.

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Amen to that

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Well I didn’t expect this but Minwax has pinned the Texas State Wall Hanging to Pinterest as their Minwax February Fan of the Month. Pretty neat!


That is awesome!

That’s awesome…I didn’t know you already made one of these too! I guess we saw the same picture on Facebook or something. Here are two of my renditions of the state map with US Flag overlay:


My first one definitely did not come out as well as either of yours. Those are awesome! I had some issues with my first one and the small stars. Nicely done!

Thanks Jeremy! I want to try one with the Texas flag like yours!

The first one listed here is the multi-color TX project. The second one was the one with the stars and stripes. It took me a while to get through the second one trying to build the file. I offer it as I am sure there are others who can make it better. I am considering making the projects smaller as both were cut out of 24" X 24" plywood boards.

TX State Project state map only.crv (9.0 MB)
TX State Project.crv (4.6 MB)

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Hey i’m in search of a g code for the texas state outline only, any of ya’ll able to help me out?



Hey, I guess I should’ve thought of that. Thanks!