Text Alignment in Easel Pro

I am trying to create a cutting board with text. I type out what I want it to say and I cant seem to figure out how to get the text to align center. I cant change the text from left hand page alignment. What am I doing wrong? And of course I’m a newbie to Excel! Thank You for helping!

Select and position.

so you can’t select lines of text and it do a center alignment?

Sure you can, select all that needs to be center to material. under edit at bottom of drop down


Sure, just create the text as individual lines of text using their own separate text boxes (not by pressing enter to paragraph down, but rather by creating multiple new boxes for text)
Then when you select 2 or more text boxes you have additional settings to select from, including the center alignment setting.

I used 2 different fonts to more clearly show that these are 2 totally separate text boxes…

The same concept is also used here to make this vertical Welcome Sign and get all of the letters aligned properly. CNC This Welcome Sign in Easel - Can't Keep them in Stock!! - YouTube

Thank You. Ill try it that way.

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