Text inside of objects

Good Morning,

I recently got my X-carve up and running and I have a question. How do you put text inside of an object, I add a circle but when I add text it goes under the circle or what ever type of shape I’m wanting it in.

If you’re working in Easel, select the circle and go to
Edit: go down and select Send to Back.
That will put the circle behind the text.
Good Luck

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Thanks, Russell unfortunately that did not work.

@RonaldWright Can you share the project you’re having trouble with?

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I’ll be happy too, not really work on anything just playing around. https://easel.inventables.com/projects/aItFuoHbymkzhxnDOSbZKw

You’ll have to share it publicly.
File–>Share–>Share with link–>Save

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Ronald to share a file,
Go to
File: Share
Then click on Share with link
Then copy the link
Then hit save
Then paste the copied link to your reply


I think what you need to do Ronald is move the circle to the back then add your text and and move the depth of cut up to zero and see what you get.



thank you

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