Text, layered with text

I see a lot of tutorials online for applications like Aspire and VCarve for doing text layered with text, and depending on the complexity of text, or the number of text elements, it can be quite a PITA to create. But it got me to wondering about Easel, and doing text layered with text. Am I correct in assuming Easel can actually do this pretty simply, and not necessary to do the grouping and layering required in those other apps, right? or am I missing something?

I know, I could just try it, and maybe I will, but I’m at work and unable to do so right this moment…

Sure, you need three objects:

  • a rectangle or other shape to provide the “floor”, set to say 1/2" deep.
  • The lower text object, placed at will inside the floor and set carve depth to say 1/4"
  • The upper text object, placed above and “carve” to 0 depth.


I figured it’d be easy, but thanks for your response. Too bad the other apps can’t do it as easily… :slight_smile:

@JoeSheble be careful when doing this type of work with easel. I, along with others have ran in to problems with the router not retracting to the correct height and it just cuts through material that it shouldn’t.

That’s a bummer… is there something one can do to avoid this? Other than not use Easel? :wink:

Im not sure yet. They are looking in to my problem.

When did you report the issue?
And have they not told you it was resolved?
I had some issues with random plunge moves when the first released Pro.
They replaced some of my material and I think they have that issue resolved.

They have not told it was resolved. Said they would be looking in to it last Monday (11/5) and they have yet to get back to me about it.


Were you able to run your “Text on Text” project without any troubles?

I put one together, with 3 text elements on it, but was hesitant to actually cut it… it’s gonna take 4 and a half hours, and I didn’t have the time to spare to vacuum the material waste, so put it on hold for the time being.

Understandable. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear something from them!