Thank [insert religious symbol] I’m a loser

It’s times like these that I get to stick two dusty fingers up to the world and say [insert expletives] and that I’m glad I bought the X Carve because it means I spend so little time with other humans.

Locked away destroying bits on aluminum carves while the world stocks up on toilet paper for a disease that doesn’t kill you with the shits, while I make my own kitty litter out of walnut.

Everyone said I need to get out more, meet people, be sociable but I stuck to my guns (can I say g.u.n.s yet) and stayed in the damp basement carving anything I could imagine.

It’s great that @Zach_Kaplan hasn’t sent us an email telling us how he is making the xcarve less infectious though I have been panic buying anything with 1,2 or 3 flutes.

Call me crazy, but the best way to survive this is with a bloody long carve.

Stay safe everyone and forgive me my random occasional posts. I should be in a Netflix show but someone in their office sneezed and they all ran home.