Thanks for helping without evening knowing it

I just wanted to thank the helpful members of this forum.

I built a 750mm X-Carve 2 last month. It is my first dip in the CNC pool, I’m really enjoying the project and learning a lot. Well last night out of the blue my x-axis started acting like something was physically preventing it from moving smoothly and then it would work for a bit and then not. I was checking the rail, the wheels, belt, etc. I rebooted the system. I didn’t know what else to do when suddenly little voices in my head from this forum (which I read religiously) were saying, “You have a loose wire”. I don’t normally listen to the voices in my head but this time they were right.

So Thank You! to everyone on the forum that that asks and answers on a daily basis.



yep. ran in to that one recently… this time I had unhooked the wires on purpose and forgotten to reconnect them. I try to keep lively conversation with the voices though.

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This seems to be a consistent problem…
I think I will make a device to check for that.
something that will let you know when there is a open.

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It “should” only fool me once. If that behavior happens again it will be the first thing I check. I can’t believe the wire came out of the terminal block that fast. I must have either not tightened it up properly or nearly missed the clamp. Either way it was my fault.

It was your fault. Don’t let it happen again. :slight_smile:

Like Smokey’s tech savvy cousin always says, “remember, only you can prevent dragging motors”.

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everything is @PhilJohnson 's fault. I stubbed my toe yesterday and cussed him for at least an hour.

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Haha I posted my picture to my account but it dossent show up. Not sure what I did wrong.

Oh my picture did upload then.

I’d like to jump in and thank @RobertA_Rieke, @PhilJohnson, and @Travelphotog, among others, for their helpful posts that have gotten me up and running with my new machine much faster than if I’d been on my own. You guys rock!