That popular Aztec calendar

Finally did a big version from a $8 15" pine glueup from Lowes
30 degree vbit. ~6hrs

Danish oil finish


Great job. Sharp.

Looks great!

Looks Fantastic!
I have one of those pine boards. I was thinking of doing something else. Just have not gotten around to is yet.

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Crear Job! By the way, is not Mayan, is Aztec. We have that beauty in the most important museum in Mexico City.

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Sigh, i knew that… My mind was in mayan mode because im due to cancun for holiday in july!

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That is an awesome piece can’t wait to get to that level.

I said the same thing when I started. Failure is sometimes the only teacher you have available. This is made from an $8 piece of pine from Lowes, and a $20 30degree 1/4" vbit from drillman1 on ebay. If you can find the center of a circle, you can do this piece!

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i stand a 50% chance then :joy:

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