The 1800 mm frankencarve is alive!

I finally got around to extending my Y rails to 1800 mm

I upgraded my steppers to the 269oz nema 23 steppers, Also added 9mm GT3 belts to my Y axis and Phil’s 9mm belt clips, the clips are super strong as advertised.

I still have the lead screw on my X axis and I modified my gantry plates to accommodate mounting the steppers to the gantry plates.

I’ll be making new Y rail riser plates and new gantry plates. She looks like a hot mess, but for now she runs and I completed my first customer order with it.

The 9mm belts and steppers can be found on amazon, The extended Y rails were on the inventables site when I bought them and no longer for sale on their site.

9mm Belts


Phil’s 9mm belt clips


  • shakes head and gives a long low whistle of admiration *

hello I’m looking for those 1800mm makeslide where you got it?

from inventables but they don’t carry them any longer on their site

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If you think about it they bought the rails somewhere they did not make them. Just need to find out where they got them at. Very nice upgrade Lance. I wish they still had the 1800s i just bought another 1000mm machine in unopened boxs and would like to have a set before i put it together then i could put them on.

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Great build Lance, I’ve had the 1800 for a while but upgraded to 9mm belts with Phils clip and the bigger motors a few months ago. Those and the Z Slider upgrade it’s awesome now! I’m doing a CNC Demon Controller now too and will use my Xtroller for another smaller machine.

Too bad about the 1800mm Makerslides, I’m sure they could sell a bunch of them.


Makerslide is owned by Inventables and not seen anywhere else that i have looked. You may find other shapes that use different wheels in those lengths.

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Well is’nt that just great. :roll_eyes:

I got a set from Inventables web site just two weeks ago as I am building a similar set up.

Hi Wayne, Seriously, you can link the 1000mm makerslides together using open builds Quad Tee Nuts and using regular 20 X 40 X 1800 extrusions for the underframe. Cut one to 800ish and link them to get the 1800 you want. There is a description and measurements for the expansion in the Faqs section of the Xcarve CNC owners group on FB.
I have actually gone out to 2800 using the Quad Tees and they flush the makerslides very nicely.


Inventables site states that the 1800 MM makerslide has not been available for a year or so.

I’m not sure what you purchased but the Inventables 1800mm extrusion is not a makerslide. it’s aluminum extrusion and the Vwheels will not have that raised edge to ride on like the makerslides do.

Open builds sells a v slot rail that’s 1500mm and as Scott said you can use joiner plates to create a super long Y rail, so long as you have every joined section properly supported. however the Open Builds vslot rails are made to use their solid wheels ride inside the V slot not on a ridge like a makerslide.

Thanks Scott, I’ve actually started buying the parts to assemble Phils Demon Controller as well.

Seems like the right thing to do with the larger steppers and belts. there is a reason he named the controller the demon.

It’s a freaking beast of a controller.

For anyone who has no clue what I’m talking about it’s right here. the parts to build it will cost you around $150.00 give or take. and it give you access to the full power of your steppers and machine.


What would you be carving to warrant such a large platform? Signs? Flat-pack furniture?

alot of wood carved commercial signage, a fair bit of daycare furniture. a lot of my projects are longer than the stock xcarve and I seriously can’t stand tiling my projects. I’m too busy to be messing with tiling everything and I would love a commercial sized machine but that’s not in the cards right now. soon but not now


Like Lance, I make some furniture and store fixture parts and big letters on my machine.
I can cuts 96" parts from shop grade Plywoods and MDF since they are 48.5" X 96.5" to allow for kerf or tools and yield more parts.

One can also set up different stations for different cuts, I have a leveled area for Z critical cutting and a huge profile cutting area behind that. Bigger motors, bigger stronger belting and the Demon Controller is more serviceable.
I got an X-Carve to learn CNC cutting and have been able to expand the machine to a more useful size for way less than getting into a larger turn key machine, that is in the 5 year plan…


You can find 1800-2000mm 2040 extrusion on AliExpress, you’re buying from China if you get it from them which only means it’ll be about 3 weeks to a month before they’re delivered. Also, the only other place I know of that consistently sell 2040 black or clear coated expressions is openbuilds, they’re also a chimes based company if not not mistaken, I could be getting that mixed up with any other site but their shipping is a bit more expensive. If you want to keep the same X-axis plates the ride in the Y-axis, you need to buy those V-rails to keep them, they’re bolt on, the rail inventables used to sell had them built in which is why everyone liked them so much. Also, pro tip, if you can only find 1500, or 1800mm rails, and want to take them longer, there are in rail brackets you can buy to connect two rail together at their ends, just remember to support the rails. You could theoretically make rails as long as you wanted that way too. I have an 1800mm set of maker rails and I have a 1000mm scarves, I could connect what I already have with the upgraded rails and make 2800mm rails, just need the space to do it, faster steppers to actually use the space and more stepper wire to extended the travel distance with more drag chain. Hope this helps

Hello thanks for the message and your recommendations, I decided to buy the 1000mm and join them but I plan to use an agular as I have in this cnc for more riguides this is very strong is my cnc but I have all the parts to be another one and I just want more Size this small is 500x500mm?

Hey no problem! I got this reply in my email and responded to it there, but it didn’t show up here lol. Let me know if you got it and if not, I’ll copy and past it here!

Yes, everything is fine, I look at it and in my email too?

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Looking at extending my Y axis and having the same trouble as everyone else at finding the longer makerslide. Wouldn’t there still be a possible “bump” in the transition between two pieces using this that could translate into a slight defect in the cuts? This is the only reason why I’ve been looking for solid makerslide and not trying to butt two pieces together.