The Archangel Guitar Cometh

Hey ladies & gents… Here is my most recent guitar design that has been in progress for a couple weeks. I embedded a piece of walnut in a figured ash body with a curly / burly maple veneer then engraved the angel wing profile with a 1/16" bit so the dark walnut shows through. I then hit the whole thing with Danish oil to make the grain pop and I plan to pour a clear epoxy resin of sorts in the engraving so the entire aesthetic facing side sits flush.

If you get bored and like my designs, the rest of the pictures are on my FB page:


Looks great. I would call that guitar “Daryl”

Very cool!

That is badass!!!

ah yes and my other guitar Daryl.

I was actually making a Walking Dead reference. One Character is Daryl and he wore a jacket for many seasons that had wings on the back

This looks killer! What is a good place to buy blanks from? I’ve done a little bit of searching but you guitar masters probably have a few favorites :grin:

Thanks Joel… So I’ve been just making my own body blanks with wood from a few local lumber yards but Stew-Mac is a great resource that I use for components / neck wood and Warmoth also has uncut body blanks for sale since they are a made to order custom guitar retailer. Warmoth was actually the site that got me into guitar building about 10 years ago and are very easy to work with.

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Anthony that looks really nice! It’s great to see the X-Carve doing projects like this :+1:

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Thanks Anthony. I’m looking forward to seeing your other projects in the future.

I ran the 2nd Archangel tonight… This one is a Zebrawood veneer over walnut embedded into a red oak body. I haven’t hit it with any finish yet (ignore the Watco in the picture, that was for a different project) but you can’t beat the Zebrawood grain that just naturally has character.