The beginning of a big adventure


That’s my first CNC machine so be gentle :slight_smile:
I’m still learning a lot.

I got a lot of problem in the beginning :

  • Lost some step (belt wasn’t fixed)
  • Lost some step again (I boost a little the shield)
  • Not really mm precise (I adjusted param $100 to $102 to get a mm precise movement)

In fact I missed some step in the doc and I come back later on it when I get some trouble.
I don’t know how I missed theses step, but thanks the X-Carve is strong and I got nothing broken.

Some other things I upgraded :

  • that generate a lot of dust, I live in the hearth of Montreal I don’t have a place where I can generate a lot of dust safely, so I buy some transparent acrylic panel to avoid dusting my whole apartment. That’s perfect, but after 1h the interior start to become really hot.
  • My X-Carve is far from my main computer so when I carve I have to always let my macbook air connected. I found to link a wifi raspberry to the x-carve and be able to command it remotely through wifi. I only done one run through that configuration but that seems to work well.

Next upgraded planned :

  • I found a small vacuum and I have to carve a dust shoe and link a pipe from the outside of the acrylic box to the shoe. I hope It will manage to keep the inside cold.

To finish I let you some picture of projects I’m working on or some experiment. Let me know if you have feedback to improve the X-Carve or my current project.

Thanks a lot for this Amazing thing.


Well done, looks like you’re coming to grips with running this machine. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

In my experience MDF makes a really fine dust that blows right through a shop vac.
I highly recommend adding something like a dust deputy to your vacuum. It does a really good job at trapping the fine dust.

Wow thankyou @AaronMatthews I wasn’t aware that kind of things exist. It will save me a lot of engineering to put the vacuum inside my table.

I use the dust deputy with my vac. Have for years. Doesn’t do much for fine dust capture. Vacuum will still suck in fine dust and blow out exhaust. Use a HEPA filter bag in vac and problem solved.

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