The bit is sticking out from the tap

There is no problem until the bit makes the tab, but this problem occurs when the bit makes the tab and comes up.

Why does the xcarve move outside the ellipse?

Can you share the easel project?


I was thinking that maybe the design wasn’t a perfect shape and that was making the issue worse, but that’s clearly not this case.

Using thinner tabs (that way theres less lifting and lowering movements) making sure the vwheels are adjusted and the belt tension is right, possibly increasing the plunge rate to make the lifting and lowering faster there, that way its not hanging out taking too much time to lift and lower when it does have to… thats about all you can do besides using a different software that supports triangular shaped tabs, with this style the xy doesnt totaly stop while it lifts and lowers and the tabs form a kinda pyramid or triangle shape from the side views

Quick preface: I work for Think & Tinker (PreciseBits) so I’m biased about everything. I try to keep the information I post brand agnostic and as general use as I can. But keep that in mind for the below.

What you are most likely seeing here is due to deflection. Deflection is the tool or machine bending due to the cutting forces. When it gets to the tab it stops cutting to raise the tool, the deflection then relaxes causing it to take a bite into the side it was deflecting away from. You can also usually see this where you start your cut as where you plunge and retract the tool you will end up with witness marks.

You can reduce the deflection by lowering the amount of cubic material removed per flute. So either lower feed, more passes, or smaller tooling. Be careful if you try lowering the feed though as you need to maintain minimum chiploads for the bit and material or you can both increase cutting forces and get a worse cut.

Might get a better result from pocketing if that’s an option. You can play with stepover that way and you don’t have the stops in the cut other than the plunge and retract.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

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