The Canadian shipping calculator could probably use another look


I’ve placed a few orders from Inventables over the years, and I’ve had to avoid purchasing some things due to excessive shipping cost. In most cases this made sense. I didn’t order the wasteboard because the shipping was over 150, while unfortunate, I understood that the 1000mm wasteboard is large and awkward to ship, so it would not be easy to do so. I just made my own.

Today, however, I tried to purchase a couple of things, and the shipping prices simply do not make sense.

Two small packs of screws, a pack of insertion nuts and a z-probe result in shipping of over 100 dollars. That’s something that could fit in a single small envelope.

Just for fun, I decided to try to look at what other items cost for shipping and found that I could get.

A narrow and a wide 1000mm extrusion, a 1000mm makerslide, a pack of insertion nuts, a gantry plate, and a circuit board blank, things that would need a large, long box, and the shipping is just over 50 bucks. LESS THAN HALF.

Something seems very wrong here. Again, I understand that shipping to Canada can be expensive, but this can’t be right. I can’t place my order at that much of a shipping markup.

Please take a look Canadian shipping calculations.

I would say there is a problem somewhere. I would wait until Monday and give them a call.

It looks like the first order was set with First Class Shipping, while the second is using Priority. That would explain the price difference.

I agree, that the shipping is high though.

I selected the cheapest shipping option in both cases. Selecting Priority for both (first class not available for the second) makes the problem even worse.

It seems for some reason the site wants to ship the 2 packs of screws separately, with the only shipping option available being fedex for 50 bucks, and it also wants to ship the x-probe separately in another 50 dollar fedex package.

I ship the Triquetra Touch Plate to Canada all the time and the shipping is only $25.95 using Priority Mail. the total cost including shipping is less than the shipping alone is some of your examples.

I can’t explain it. I though it might be because to the size, but that does not seem to be the case.

The one with the z-probe has USPS priority listed at $20, but has defaulted to FedEx. I can’t figure why they are using two different package rates. Everything should fit into one box.

Besides the fact, would never ship anything cross border with one of the Couriers such as FedEx. They always charge brokerage fees, and sometimes they are very exorbitant, plus tax. USPS, I might get hit, or I might not. if I do the fee is only like $10 handling plus tax. If not, there is nothing extra.

I would contact Inventables directly, and ask them. You might get good new, that it is a shipping software glitch. Nothing lost by asking.