The Cost of our Freedom

This weekend in America we honor the many souls of men and women and their families who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. God Bless you All


May the memory of those who have givven thier everything so that we may enjoy the freedoms we hold dear be forever kept within our hearts.
And lets also remember the families who have lost thier loved ones in all of the different conflicts we have endured, they are still among us and though we may not always have the departed at the forefront of our minds, the survivors of our late service people deal with thier absence on a daily basis.

Thank you to all who have or are still serving as well. May the lord be with you and keep you safe.

jkWestphal, did you ever serve in the Navy, specifically on USS John Young (DD-973)?

Sorry Marc but no that’s not me.

Sorry. I served with a gent named John Westphal. Thought it might have been you.

Marc, it’s not me either, the “J” is for Joseph.