The lower v-wheels is in the air

Hi all forumists+
Can anyone tell me what to do.
I finally got my front mount for my laser
But find that the lower v-wheels hang in the air
when I set the height for the laser (40mm recommended by J-Tech)

Looks like you need to raise the material so the z axes does not go down as far. Get some 2" scrap and put under what you are wanting to laser.

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Raise the router up also. It’s too low. I just put the laser on mine. Here is a video for you.

Double check the height. It does not look like 40mm, it looks a lot lower.

J-tech say 40 mm from material to the lens.
And that is it in the picture.

that looks more like 10mm. 40mm is roughly 1.5 inches.

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Hi Mr C.
If I lower it to 1/8 from the surface,
then the lens gets closer than 40 mm
as the J-Tech recomended.
What´s your opinion.