The Machine wants to Kill itself

So I learned the hard way to never have anything outside of the cutting area but what the machine did today is beyond what I can figure out. Once the dust shoe caught on a clamp and made a mess of things, another time I was little to close to the limits so it shifted everything and ate a few clamps. Thank you Inventables for making them plastic! But this has me crying unkle.

1000mm machine, 29 by 29 birch ply. 5 fairly simple objects that usually take 2 hours or so. The fourth object is pushed a full 8 inches to the left causing a mangled dust shoe, a torn clamp and probably more undue stress as it slammed up against the Y-rail.

Any ideas what would cause this to happen?!

Looks like your Datum position on Center and you are taking Work Zero from lower left corner of the material. Change that datum to Lower left corner on Easel, you’re good to go. Another saying, match your Easel Datum position with your Work piece Datum Position.

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Datum position= work zero point.
Not to be confused with machine zero. thats another cup o worms for another thread.

thanks for the response and definitely good info!
there was a previous response about having a straggling dot or random item outside of the carving limits which has created havoc before. My working theory has always been that even if you move the zero point of the work as long as its within the limits of what the machine can carve then all good. Go over that boundary and it will shift things for you or try to carve things far past its mechanical abilities.

Here is a video on work piece zero