The making of a pvc sign

Hey everyone I just wanted to share a job that I recently finished up with you

the sign is made out of a 2-color expanded pvc sheet and then glued together

I think it turned out pretty good its a basic sign but I love working with plastic


Looks great! What kind of bit do you use for your plastic?



so in this job it consisted of 3 tools

All Onsrud except one

62-712 .125"
63-744 .25"

Hard Plastic Single O-Flute Tools

then I used a 60 deg v-bit (no name china)

these tools work great in the plastic chipload is very important I find in plastic so it does not get to hot

I have not worked with plastic in awhile with the x-carve and mostly I only worked with hdpe

settings I used for this job where

200ipm feed
200ipm ramp feed
800 ipm rapid
.130 doc

on both spiral tools

and then for the v-bit
18000 rpm
200ipm feed
80ipm plunge feed
800ipm rapid
.0625 flat depth

these would be good settings to do a percentage of on the x-carve if you wish but for the spiral tools and v-bit feed I would run that on the x-carve in 3mm material with these tools I would lower the plunge rate on the v-bit to around 40 for the x-carve and the rapids I would lower to 200-250ipm max

for the 3mm material you really want to cut in one single pass conventional method only

if someone knows why o-flute tools are not supposed to cut mdf please let me know I have yet to figure that one out

and I dont mean like cut straight mdf

I am meaning cutting through plastic or aluminum into the spoilboard just a bit