The Pi-Cade for the X-Carve

A while ago, I designed a completely 3D printed small arcade cabinet for use with the Raspberry Pi. You may have seen smaller portables such as the cupcade project, but I wanted one that while still small was completely playable. Here is a pic to give you an idea:

Here is a link to the original thingiverse:

I decided to revisit this for the X-Carve, and to push the project a bit. Have no idea how this will turn out, but here are some progress pics. Obviously all is still rough and no finish work has yet been done… While much of the “art” is my work, I will need to credit several thingiverse members for various parts.


The back. There will be a lot of sanding and adjustment to get the fit just right before assembly…


I may be the only one, but I like the look of the dog bones…

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My first two sided carvings… There is a pocket in the back to hold a 7" tft screen. Had the xcarve clear out alignment holes for dowels, flipped it and it lined up perfectly.


Gorgeous piece of Sapele for the deck. Now just a lot more sanding and finishing…

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Finished up this project. This quick video shows a lot of the pics and a little game play at the end. You can also get a better perspective of how small it is…


Looks very nice!

Any chance you’d be willing to share the files for this? I’ve wanted to build a full size mame cabinet for quite awhile, but at this rate my kids will be grown and gone, so I’m thinking small bar-top might be my best bet…

Absolutely. I will probably update on thigh verse for the car files… I could share the aspire files here as well…

Just need to make a few mods first

Thanks! Anything you’re willing to share will save me time. I love all the logos carved on the cabinet, but even if I had to start with just blank cabinet parts I would still be ahead of the game… :slight_smile: