The sky is the limit!

Started a new project.

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The objective is eventually to make it fly. Most of the parts were lasercut, some are milled because they were too large.


Awesome!. This machine is affecting my sleep pattern. I literally cannot find enough time lately.

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I’ve ordered some depron sheet and am going to redesign a little. I need to get a gram off the weight.

oh, my dream fw 190 will be coming off this machine when I get my head above water.

I’ve got it ready to go, just need the time.

I’ve thought about electric on this one and am torn. I love to hear the motor.

do you think a roto molded tire could be cast with this and back filled with a flexible foam core?

great! I had no idea so many people would be building planes.

This is my very first time doing something remotely like it, so it’s a learning experience, but it is great.

I thought the aircraft builders here might like to see pictures of the hydrofoils I’m making on XCarve. I’m carving wood, phenolic, acetal, and aluminum parts.

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Slave the throttle channel and run a nitro motor on the ground. :smile:

four 10s could really jam

soul plane


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Since people have been guessing the model, i might as well post the source files now. :slight_smile:

Balsa is used for most of the parts. Also a small sheet of 1.6mm ply.
For the plastic parts that are in the commercial kit (which I don’t have), I will probably 3D print or mill…

Download here:


ah, those wing roots give it away.