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The Sound Proof Box

Is your family accepting adoptions? :wink: I looked into thermadoor earlier in the year, as it’d look great on video (I do the youtube thing) and stop my garage door reaching up to 60c on the surface in summer, but pricing was out of my budget :frowning:

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Haha it’s the best product on the market in Australia, and I could not promote it enough ( even though i was their marketer 2-3 years ago ). It is still amazing and it truely makes a difference. It’s totally worth it for someone who works in their garage my last house had it. My new house is roller doors though.

I have no doubt it works well, but I was quoted $1000+ for the DIY kit for a fairly standard size double garage, and then would still have to get somebody out to rebalance the door. Well outside my hobbyist budget!

I’ll have to try and get some EPS sheets to do a very DIY version or win one of the facebook giveaways :wink:

I saw your quote, without giving away location information call up local companies. Thermadoor has grown heaps and has installers in your area which get stock cheaper and might be able to provide you cheaper.

But yes loads of facebook giveaways! but being a hobbyist maybe it’s possible to get some veneer, SUPER strong epoxy, and some high R rating EPS and make something attractive.

I’m on your youtube I comment all the time, it gives you content ideas and a video to make…

Hrmmmm thats good to know

Hrm, I could rock a garage door with timber veneer pressed onto the door :wink:

Back on topic (sorry, I hijacked!), you might want to look into a cyclone/separator for your vac as well - it’ll help keep the filters/motor clean on the vac, extending its life. Timbecon and Carbatec each have some, though ebay ones might work just fine for that use

I did actually buy one, it’s on back order. The problem with my box is when I put the hose up through the back, and then another to the hole in the side for exhaust. the vac itself, isn’t going anywhere. So i need to buy yet another one for all my other tools.

However, I did buy a cyclone already from eBay just a cheap one.

How much was the customs import tax?, I’m in Canberra and looking to purchase a xcarve in the new year

hey imprort tax is 10% + its easiest to pay an agent so all up it cost me $450. Because you pay it in AUD, so once you convert everything to AUD then yeah. It’s brutal here, also I highly and strongly recommend getting loads of extra bits in your order also as shipping at inventables is not very cost effective.

If you want to go to the effort contact inventables and ask for it to be invoiced in 900AUD blocks (what ever usd it comes too) and ship it as 900$ blocks you only get charged import tax on invoices more than $1000. If inventables will help you split it you might get through.

Little disclaimer: I am not advising or wanting you to avoid tax or commit a crime this is strickly informative and you do as you wish with the information.,

where did you get the acoustic foam panels on the inside? do you have a link for them, or a name we can search on?

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hey these were purchased from my local big box store “bunnings”, there to be honest very expensive but hands down super effective.

Im just the opposite, I grew up in the city and now I can shoot off my back porch! just gotta be caeful the nearest neighbor is about 250" away. and I routinely run power tools at 5 am. Except the planer. that thing will wake the dead.


Great Sound Proof Box Brodey! We are looking at making a box just like yours for our School Innovation Center (Fab Lab). Do you happen to have any plans or sketches that you could share with the dimensions? This would give our students a good starting place. Thanks for the help!

Wow! Really great soundproofing box there! Good job!
I also created one for almost the exact same reason.

Mine uses thinner lumber for the framing, and I use cheap blankets, cell foam and fabric for the insulation. Bonus: it looks pretty! :smiley:

But there’s a thin gap between the two halves (that’s how it opens) and the sound escapes a little through there. Mainly the high pitch noises. I was kinda just guessing how to do it, and if I were to redo it I’d gather inspiration from you and do something similar.

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Hey! I know it’s been some time but 1. Would you recommend an enclosure like this for a basement operation and 2. Are there any plans available? Thanks!!

Hey mate, I’m in the same boat with the neighbours and noise, my Cnc is in a basic shed so there isn’t insulation.

I built an enclosure and now I’m considering chucking one of these nvr switches on the outside so you can just turn the router on and off before opening the lid.

That should help make silent when opening the doors.

Cheaper options available on eBay but my not be simply plug n play and would require you to cut the router cord.


Cheapest option would be simple light switch and outlet with a little more from the local hardware store.