The Sound Proof Box

I live in an estate here in Australia where my house is built 1meter from one boundary and on the boundary line on the other side, making my garage 1meter from the neighbors master bedroom.

This was a concern to me, so I thought I would tackle the task of building a soundproof enclosure for my x-carve.

The actual box would have cost me around the $500AUD mark which is like what $25USD? but seriously it’s like 400USD or thereabouts. The reason it’s so much is the insulation within the walls, the struts, and materials which all build to it.

My options were either stop the sound or stop the machine. We have noise restrictions here meaning 5 PM no power tools, I only get home at 4 which made this hard, now with the box I can go until 8ish.

I built the walls of the box the same way as a house, leaving me a wall cavity was obviously I could put my insulation. I also had to factor vacuum, as well. So here goes:

Up top:
The main machine sits up top, perfect height that I can reach the back, sides and everywhere I need too the back left corner holds a hole where the vacuum comes up from down below, the front left has a hole in the front where cables can run down to the bottom where power comes into the box.

The main lid is held on by hinges up the top, and 2 1200newton gas struts, these hold the lid firm up and firm down perfectly. The lid has foam padding around which stops both dust and sound escaping.

The lid also holds an acrylic sheet which allows me to see in without sound getting out, by double layering, this will stop even more, however, It’s fine.

The top also holds a large light which is more than natural light in my opinion and casts little to no shadow and certainly nothing that has ever caused an issue.

Down below:
This holds 2 doors, both with foam strips to seal in the sound and latch to keep it shut. This holds the vacuum.

I know what you’re thinking. Shit must get hot in there. And no. There is 1 hose from the exhaust of the vacuum which goes to a muffler which muffles the sound before leaving the side, and the other hose which goes up to the top through a muffle.

The bottom area gets to about 40 degrees celsius which is way below operating temperatures for it.


When closed this machine makes next to no sound, from outside the brick wall next to it, so 200mm from the machine with the brick in between its 100% silent, in my office next to the garage with only the garage door closed once again no sound.

With everything open, I can hear it from down the street and most definitely in my office.

In my opinion, this was 100% worth the money to build, I have had this for 3 months now and it runs mint I have never run into any problems with large materials, sound or dust. The machine holds it all in including all the dust which means clean up is an absolute breeze.

If anyone else has a soundproof box I’d love to see it and hear your feedback on mine.

I also have a video but just need to work out how to post it.
here is the video it doesnt sound like much but it’s actually a MASSIVE difference:


yeah you guys get killed down there huh?

yeah our currency isn’t the best all up a 1000 x carve cost me $5,000AUD after currency conversion and then get slugged by customs import tax.

thats crazy

but nice enclosure that should keep the neighbor happy for sure

Yeah it’s brutal! but with this box it allows me to create no noise that anyone outside my house can hear, I just need to be careful when I end something and open the door that sound will be heard so i need to turn it all of quickly. But that’s okay.

Awesome enclosure! But…what the hell about that noise rule!!!

thats why I will never live in a HOA ever ever ever again!!

crazy stuff right there

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I live in a house little different than what the US call an HOA, it’s our government and councils who feel it’s acceptable to give out 200sqm blocks with 8meter frontages.

There proper estates, proper streets and individual owners like myself, but it’s affordable. Here in Australia that costs me $480k our home prices are so through the roof it’s not even funny. But I still need to keep my fellow neighbours happy.

That’s nuts. I live in a city now and hate it. I grew up being able to shoot off my back porch. Can’t imagine not being able to use a freakin power tool after 5pm!!!

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I like the idea! What router are you using?
In my situation, I had a standard cheap router which pulls air in the top and blows it down through the case and out the bottom. It only took about three months of the machine eating the wood dust to actually smoke and catch fire. I have put in another cheap router and fashioned a dust mask to the top that helps keep the dust out. I have to change it periodically due to clogging and then heat build up.

I thought I’d mention this to help out and also to see if anyone else has seen this and has a solution. Maybe a non air cooled router/spindle will be my next upgrade.


I use the Dewalt 611 which is the recommended one by inventables, you can see it in my video.

wouldn’t a DC spindle be much quieter?

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Yeah, but their shit.

Money wasn’t a concern here, so spending the money for a box was the best option. and besides without the vacuum the router itself is 90% silent. It’s the vacuum that makes up the larger sound.

Something to consider, baffles on the interior walls to further dampen ambient noise. I’m considering foam panels for my garage door.

I built a soundproof enclosure under my workbench. I rebuilt my bench 44" deep and the xcarve rolls out of the cabinet on a wheeled torsion box.

The water cooled dc spindle is almost dead quiet itself. But running at 24000 rpm with a 1/4" cutter in some materials like baltic birch ply gets a bit high pitched and annoying.

The interier walls are insulated with acoustic insulation foam which is used in houses, it’s very expensive and the walls are packed with it. You can see it kind of in one of the photos.

I was talking about the interior of the garage. It would depend on how much noise escapes the box.

well hell lol if money was not a concern why did we not go with aluminum extrusions , dynamat, led lighting, fein vacuum, electrical operated door with remote, etc etc maybe some diamond plate lot

just kidding

Ohh! well if I close the garage door itself, and stand 1 meter from the garage it’s silent. My step dad owns which is a garage door insulation company if I needed some I’m sure I could.

LOL, this entire CNC experience to me is new, I thought I had aluminum extrusions? I dont think dynamat is in Australia and I think it’s overkill. Led lighting isn’t effective here it casts too much shadow ( I tried it ). Fein Vacuums I didnt know existed and this was my first workshop vac up until when I bought it I didn’t see why a home vac wouldn’t work.

Although I know you’re being sarcastic you offer good insight, money wasn’t a concern but I still have more brains then money. However upgrades are also nice to have and this is all a learning curve for me. I dont sell anything I just like making things.