The spindle turn on the lights but doesn't work

I just assembled my x-carve.
With Easel I tested the axes and everything works fine, while the spindle doesn’t work.
I have a DeWalt D6200-GB.

The spindle switch is on and the pot is setted on “3”, mid speed.
In “on” position the lights under the spindle turns on, but it doesn’t turn.
In Logic position nothing happen (I choose “automatic” in easel, then it doesn’t turn on when I push the botton on easel)

I tryed every spindle option on easel (there isn’t D6200, I tryed D611 and D660 and other, but it didn’t work.
I tryed to disconnect the black and red cable from the x carve power supply and to plug it on the wall, it works.
The power supply is settet “230 Volts” (I live in Italy).
I checked the connection between Arduino and the Gshield, and everithing is ok.

What else could be wrong?

Thanks so much.
Matteo Pini

You must connect your Dewalt to Wall plug. Your power supply spindle output is for Either 24V Spindle or DC to AC relay to activate your Dewalt. If you search this forum, you can find enough information how to wire Dewalt.