The Spline Export issue

** Please note this post is for X-carve users that use Fusion 360 for there designs**

Do you create sketches using spline geometry?

Do you then try and export to dxf and it will not open or is incomplete?

Do you dream of polylines on a nightly basis?



Use this app in Autodesk App store and your problems will go away !! its amazing


only down side is it will give you about a billion nodes if anyone knows how to solve that problem let me know

in illustrator there is a ‘simplify path’ function which allows you to do just this. There’s a slider for how much you want to simplify, but if you overdo it, it will start affecting the overall shape.

I imagine inkshape could have a similar functionality.

If you have vectric product you can use this


Play with the settings and preview, I mostly use the bezier curves fit.


yeah i wish I had illustrator I bet that could fix me up

yeah you know I have played with that tool and on like 90% of the node heavy vectors I bring in it really never seems to be able to accomplish much am I doing something wrong?

I often redraw the shapes in Vectric to get the optimum shape I want. If you upload an example dxf I will have a play.

Here is a shape that should be node heavy
export.dxf (34.3 KB)

and when your in v-carve do you just start out with like circle and then go into node editing mode to re-draw something?

well that shape is not a good idea i was able to do it in about 2 seconds in v-carve lol

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export_fre.dxf (34.7 KB)
try this

48 nodes and near perfect shape conservation

you may need to convert units again :sweat_smile:

I usually start using the curve tool and click around the shape then node edit after that, I click once on each peak or trough on curves as you can usually get a good fit with the node edits. On tight corners more nodes are useful

yeah i may have to try that I have seen it done before I just always go to Fusion 360 for tracing low quality especially color bitmap images

My best example of a manual trace from a photograph of some cell art I have:

taz.dxf (254.9 KB)


oh wow and you did that in v-carve?

I actually used illustrator for that trace but it is the same process in vectric