The toolpath destroy all his work

and i broke the spindle…

I’m a potter, i’m trying to make plaster molds.

Everything goes well, then the spindle cut through all its work.

enclosed pictures of the 3d model (a small plate mold) and … the result.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hello @Charles5 and welcome to the forum!

What machine are you working with? Is it an X-Carve?

It seems like everything is ok in the toolpath, but can you share the NC file so that we can view the toolpaths in detail?

To me, it looks like the machine most likely lost steps and then veered off in one direction. That can be caused by a great deal of different things, so let us know what machine you are working with and post the NC file if possible.


Brandon R. Parker

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Hi, i’m working with the Foxalien’s last machine 4040 XE PRO.

Here are both NC file (I tried two times meeting the same issue).

For the second time i thought my forgetting to resize the STL model disrupted the machine.
So, i made a smaller model to make it faster, it was even worst has the model was deeper in the plaster, unaligning the spindle permanently.

At the end of the toolpath, the spindle decides to cut thought the model without going up.
Even if the gcode seems correct

Plate 27cm test gabarit moule platre (303.9 KB)
mini plate test (81.0 KB)

thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

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Have you tried “air carving” something (i.e. setting your Z Home higher off the wasteboard, with no material present, than the full depth of the carve. If the air carving goes fine then we at least have that to start with.

The files look normal from a quick glance.

What type of bit are you using? What are your molds made of?


Brandon R. Parker

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