The Y2 Belt broke after 5 hours

I was on my fifth job (five hours total) and my Y2 belt breaks mid project. I believe I followed the setup instructions very carefully but it was a little vague. Can someone tell me the amount of pull (in pounds) that is ideal for the best tension for these belts?

Most use a fish scale to check them. Hook it in the middle of the belt and you should have them tightened right if you list it about 1" you should be at around 4 pounds.

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Thank you, Wayne! I will try that. This all new to me. I thought about going ahead and ordering backups on the consumable parts while I was assembling the machine, but I did not. Oh well, I am now.

Thanks again,

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Hello Cameron and welcome to the forum,
I think most belts break because they’re to tight. I had broken 2 belts before someone told me that I had them to tight, I remember reading somewhere that the belts should make a twang sound when you pluck it, that is incorrect. Do like Wayne mentions and you will be good.
While you’re ordering consumable parts order you a couple sets of brushes for your router.
Brushes last 150-200 hours of run time.
Good Luck


Buy genuine Gates belts, not the Chinese knockoffs that Inventables and eBay sellers sell.

Thanks Russell… You are exactly right… I tightened the belt by the ‘plucking’ instructions and that was too tight. I will now measure the pull force to ~4lbs as Wayne said.

Also, I did order some brushes for the router yesterday. I read that in the forums while searching for a consumable list.

Thank you!

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Thank you, Jyrki… I had already ordered some new belts from Inventables, but after reading your message, I went to Royal Supplies’ Website and ordered Gates 1164-2MGT-06 PowerGrip GT3 Synchronous Belts.

Thanks for the advice,

Uh oh… GT3 is not the same as GT2.

Just the newer version. They’ll work.

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3gt3 vs 2gt3 are different.

Its size GT generation.

If you want to use 3GT3 belts, you’ll need end clips from Designs by Phil and pulleys from openbuilds.

Otherwise use the white steel reinforced 2gt 6mm belts.