This is why I bought my X-Carve Pro

I’ve been carving laminated plywood animals for several years. Originally, after a lot of computer work using Sketchup, I projected and traced line photos of each slice onto a plywood sheet, cut them out with a jig-saw, cleaned them up with an oscillating sander, glued everything together, carved off the edges with various power carving tools, and finally sanded, sanded, and sanded.

I got my XCP in time to use it for this camel. I imported the Sketchup pics into Inkscape, converted them to SVG files, and imported those into Easel. Using the XCP greatly reduced the project time (about a third), but more importantly produced precise cutouts, making it easier to carve, and it allowed me to fine-tune the designs and setup alignment pinholes for the glue-up.

I’ve got a rhinoceros design ready to begin X-Carving this week.


wow good job.

What thickness - 1/4"?

Wow! That is awesome work! Would love to come to work in your shop for a week to learn how the process works? Again really cool!

Amazing Idea. One expensive camel with the prices of plywood still being outrageous

I have been using 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood, but it’s becoming hard to find where I live. I’ve used 3/4" AC plywood for larger projects, and although I like the effect of the varying colors of the plys, there are often more gaps, and the plys occasionally separate due to poor gluing.

@KeithLaurie that is what I was wondering. Because I wanted to try this but am finding the same thing about plywood more $$ but cheaply made.

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