This looks interesting


I like the “think different” approach, but wow 20 minutes for that sword

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yeah, i just came across it and liked the vertical idea of it. But the speed is insanely slow.

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this came up in my youtube feed this morning. I’m glad it’s open source so the math behind kinematics is available for all to baseline on.

Is it supposed to do 1-pass cutouts only? I can’t imagine decent Z accuracy if not.

nice conceptual idea, but not a practical machine. Not even close.

Would be awesome if it had a multi color paint head and can be screwed to a wall to paint murals.

I have been following their progress since the kickstarter. They have a neat product… and heck for 350… how wrong can it go?

They are working on the accuracy issues … the most accurate is the center third of the machine. out towards the upper corners it gets out about 1/16". for most people I think that would be fine with the size projects they are working on… not going to do a @PhilJohnson level 3d carve but it will do a chair just fine. You would be working the wood afterwards anyways.

on the Z… they have a manual version (single pass then you adjust the router to next pass) and they are supposed to have an auto Z.

its neat.