This truly sucks

The information on assembling this machine sucks I just got it out of the box and have buyers remorse

As an unaffiliated customer, I have to disagree. The instructions are excellent . My only gripe was one picture that could have had better contrast to it. I think most people here that put it together would agree with me. If you are having difficulties, there are plenty of folks here to help out. I am assuming you are using the inventables assembly instructions here.

X-Carve Instructions: x-carve-instructions (

They even have the updated version with the current new upgrades. Just take one section at a time and layout the bags with the appropriate stock numbers. Put the other stuff away until you need them.

How to assemble the X-Carve CNC machine from Inventables - YouTube


I too agree with Martin above, Instructions were perfectly fine for me. Maybe a unassembled DIY style CNC is not for you.


Agreed with both above. The biggest thing for me with assembling it myself is that it gave me a good grasp of how the machine is “supposed to be”. If something has ever gone wrong, I knew where to begin for troubleshooting.

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Time to call MacGyver

I may be able to shine some light on this topic…or my own inability to follow directions. either way ill be happy to find out. in the BOM inventables references a part numbered 25285-44. its an M3 x 20. its supposed to be used in the homing section. if you search the part number via the assembly instruction site you get no result. use your browsers search function for the page and you get no result either. I have a feeling about these instructions and it isn’t a positive one, I also really see the value in problem solving a machine like this. that being said…instructions aren’t meant to be puzzles, they’re meant to be instructions. I have a whole list of weird part numbers and odd instructions from my recently finished build. you could for sure see when someone was trying to be quite detailed and then someone just kinda phoned the instructions in. I know its a team effort but sometimes some team members shouldn’t be writing instructions.


well I have taken a painstaking long time to maticulasly go through the build part by part and instruction page, page be page so as to not get anything wrong, but alas I have run into one that doesn’t seem write
by any means, here it is. I am at the point to install the 1000mm cross bar for the chain support that is suppose to be screwed to the plastic brackets on the side plates, sollow so far? However I noticed that the 1000extrusion is not taped with threading to hold a screw in place! so is a screw suppose to be forced till it starts to tap the hole as the screw is entering the extrusion? becaus the other 1000 extrusion that had be made with threading has been used in another part of the build! the new photos of the build suck as bad or worse that the first set

the 1000mm bar you used in the base most likely has the threads. for the life of me I can’t figure out why inventables doesn’t call this out or put a sticker on it

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