This was a cool project, Levi’s Jeans label

Levi’s Jeans label out of 3/4” Baltic birch ply


that looks great, good job. Did you use Oramask for the carve?

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Well done. This project came out really nice.

No, just clear coat after carving . Paint, sand and then a final layer of clear. I like to paint these by dabbing the brush with acrylic paint, looks more authentic then spray paint in my opinion when going for a vintage look.

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That looks great! All of my PVC signs I use the Kraft paint and a brush on them.

someone has a svelte figure. :wink:


Where did you get the file? None of the ones I found online look that good?

I made that file in Illustrator, jpg vectorize and cleanup some lines etc.

Looks like this one.

Found here:


Ha! That could have saved me a little time
I vectorized it from a JPG and did some cleaning up

Very nice job, what bits did you use to create it? I’ll thanks for your response

I made one for my grandson, Levi. His birthday is coming up. I used MDF; brushed shellac made it look like leather.

The file I found wasn’t pristine, but looked authentic so I was happy.


Really nice :slight_smile:

Great Job man!!