Thoughts in this I-beam stiffening mod?

I saw this on YouTube the other day and was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were?

Is this the best stiffening mod you’ve seen? If not what is? Does this have any advantages? I can’t decide how I want to stiffen up my rails.

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I saw this too, not sure if I’m convince that it would be any more stiff than the long bolt and washer method some people have done on the forum.

That being said , I’m sure it added stiffness, just looks like a lot of work.

It looks like a good mod but wow what a lot of work.

Very nice video though.

The I-beam he’s made actually twists quite a bit under torsion from what I can see in the video. The torsional rigidity is what I think the stiffening mod is used for the most, so I would be hesitant to use that design.

The Gryphon V-1rail systems

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I was working on doing he same thing but opted for openrails instead. You can check it out here: Alot of UPGRADES with LASERBEAMS! (belts, extrusions, wheels, axles, etc)

I would think if the die is already made for the extrusion that the Gryphon rail should be available at some point. Dies are an awfully expensive thing to not use. It looks like a great replacement for the current x-axis setup. I would like to have one at some point.

That’s unfortunately. Sometimes things don’t get manufactured even if they should. I hope we’ll still see it at some point.