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Thoughts on Stiffening mod

It was just steel laying around. I am not sure what it’s original purpose was (speaker mount perhaps?) but it was in my stock pile. I cut it down on my miter saw and drilled it. Aluminum angle would do the trick as well.

Adhesive would technically work, but there is a permanence to it. When affixing the slides against each other, you really have to carefully and perfectly align them so there is no warping or twist. With glue, any misalignment that you make would be permanent.

You would have to jig the heck out of this. Epoxy is slick when wet and part love to slide around when you are trying to clamp things up. Miss alignment would be a big problem. I do not plan in doing this even though I have the epoxy glue.


@Earwigger, could you elaborate on those .032" thick fiber washers?

I’ll be receiving my 1000mm X 1000mm X-Carve sometime next week, also purchased the DeWalt 611 mounting kit ( and router).

I was looking at McMasterCarr for these thick fiber washers, knowing the ID/OD’s of the washers for the V-Wheels would be really helpful so I can have appropriate replacements ready to go for my build.


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I used #10 inside diameter. The outside diameter is less important. Just make sure they are smaller than the inner rib of the v-wheel that separates the two bearings.

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Here is the most relevant part of the thread: Should V-wheels have side to side play in the bearing?

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Total of 20.

Thanks! Was going to go the McMasterCarr route but those hard fiber washers are between 0.042" - 0.052" thick.

I suppose the tried and true homedepot route is the way to go, although I doubt their washers are exactly 0.032" thick either…

0.042 works, after install you have to push side to side/forward to backwards … several times until feel even movement.

Thanks! I’ll order the washers via McMaster then

Point of interest. .042" = 1.066mm so they are thicker that the washers received from Inventables.
.032" = .812mm so thinner than the washers from Inventables.

The washers from Inventables that I measured averaged 1.01mm

Metal washer versus fiber washer. You can press fiber washer. Sleepy?

Any see this or use this rail? I was looking into stiffening up x gantry and found this. Wasn’t sure if I could replace the 2 maker rails with one of these?

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That would be great. Just make sure the dimensions of the X-carve rails and mounting match up and the holes on the ends are in the right place for the end plates and you should be good to go!

I did a quick search of this and came up with a website dedicated to slamming this manufacturer. Most the parts were not straight and were warped. Not sure if this guy got a bad batch of extrusions. The machine itself was poorly designed too.

I’ll say this though. This extrusion is way over built for this application. The material in the center of a beam does virtually nothing for bending and torsional stiffness. Even though it looks beefier, it’s a lot of extra mass per linear foot that your stepper motors have to push. If you affix two maker slides together, you should still get close to the same stiffness as this grypon extrusion.

I found that site bashing CNCmogul aka Gryphon CNC too. I guess I’ll pass on them, oh well. Thanks for the input, it does look allot heavier then it needs to be.

I found some brackets that were sized to be able to fit in both t-slots of the V rails.
As soon as held them in place on the gantry I saw the flaw in my idea.
The belt rides in one of the t-slots on the top. :frowning:

So you could use a plate on the bottom of gantry but not the top. That would work for keeping your spacer mattering from dropping out but I don’t think l it would tie the two rails together with it just on the bottom.

Seeing that my tie plate idea would not work I did the steel bar mod last night.

It was not as easy as it should have been. I have a small drill press and it’s max travel is just a bit too short to drill all the way through. I managed a work around. I drilled the hole in the first rail. Lower the drill bit in the chuck. Then drilled the rest of the way through.
Getting through the steel bar took forever. I could not see the bar so I had to go by “feel” :frowning: My bit noticeably dulled by the third hole but I got it done.
Fortunately my squeeze clamps fit between the v rails so I was able to clamp everything up nicely.

The bolts I got were too long. I had to cut them down a couple of time before I found the right length. :frowning:
Fortunately I had the right sized tap to fix the treads after cutting them down. :smile:

I went slow, taking care not to ding the v rail and having a heck of a time balancing the weight of the rail with all the clamps on it. But I got it done and set back in the XC.
The mounting screws for the drag chain mount were hitting on the new bolt heads. But I added some washers to the drag chain mount screws and that fixed it. :smile:

Now I need to redo the stepper wires. I plan in running them in the second top t-slot next to the belt. We will see how this works out.

I alid the z axis stepper cable into the top slot of the forward maker slide. worked great.

I also drilled new holes in the end plates to pass the cable through rather than just going over the top of the plate. I was concerned about the wire riding up out of the slot ans possibly getting snagged by the carriage so I used a few dabs of hot glue to secure it in the channel. No issues, works great.