Three Stage Carve?

So i have an order coming up that will require a three stage carve, starting with 1/4, 1/8 then finish with a 1/16.

Was wondering if theres a better way to go about this without having to skip the 1/8" bit?

Only thing that comes to mind is to run the carve as a 2-stage using the 1/4" and 1/8" bits. when it’s done, simply switch the settings to 1/8" and 1/16" and skip the 1/8" carve.


How would i skip the 1/8" carve?

I’ve done exactly this, but with a finish using a v-bit. 1/4 & 1/8 bits were performed as roughing cuts.

Another technique used (not by myself) is to undersize (maybe it’s oversize) your bit when doing a second finishing pass.

When prompted, you just run the Detail pass and not the roughing pass.

Exactly as Nic said, you’ll need 2 workpieces (identical), one you setup as a 1/4" for bit 1, 1/8" for bit 2 and the second workpiece you setup as 1/8" for bit 1, 1/16" for bit 2. You’ll care the first workpiece for both passes, the 1/4" and then the 1/8". Then you’ll go to the second workpiece and only carve the Detail (Bit 2) pass.

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My running program is Mach 3, so will i have to override the 1/8" cut somehow to jump to the 1/16" cut? I’m just assuming the way i’ll have to do it will be different since i dont use easel for my running program.

Wait, what?

You design in Easel, then export the gcode to Mach3 to run the job? You must have purchased a new controller to work with Mach3. It may be time to buy some new design software. Then you can create toolpaths that do exactly what you want. Vcarve will pay for itself in a few months if you are selling your work.

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If you’re exporting the Gcode from Easel, then just export the Gcode for the 1/4" and 1/8" from workpiece 1 and just the 1/16" Gcode from workpiece too.

Even from Vcarve, you can do the same thing.

Duplicate the same toolpath. In Pocket Toolpath 1, set the large area clearance to 1/4" and use the 1/8" then on the duplicate toolpath, set the large area clearance to 1/8" and the bit to 1/16". When you’re saving the toolpaths, just save Pocket 1 and Pocket 1 [Clear] then save Pocket 2, omitting the Pocket 2 [Clear].

I use a separate file for each path.

Thats what i was thinking, but if i do workpiece #2 with just the 1/6" bit wont it try and carve out everything thats already been carved from the roughing bits?

Yes Allen, i have a custom built machine. Basically an X Carve on crack, and bigger lol. I have been looking into getting v carve, so im sure that’ll happen soon.


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If you set the 1/16" as the second bit, it won’t.

Don’t know if you need it or not but here is the three axis (or just Z) zero code for Mach3. Just copy it into the Auto Tool Zero button on the main page.

It works great with the Triquetra Auto Zero Touch Plate made by Charlie Thomas

three axis zero.txt (7.1 KB)