Through cut

This happened to me yesterday. Using .250 luan plywood. Now the sheets will vary from .194 to .245 depending on sheet used.

Had sheet thickness at .194. Went to project side, highlighted everything and set cut depth to .218. It would not go deeper than the sheet specification that I put in at .194.

Where did I go wrong? Did it before.


I typically set my material thickness .03 thicker than the actual material. If you don’t change the material thickness Easel doesn’t know to cut deeper. Just be aware you will cut into your waste board so best to have a sacrificial piece under your project

I usually first reference Z on the spoil board surface, then jog up the material thickness + an arbitrary amount extra.

I set my full depth of design to same total distance (material thickness + extra)

On through cuts, I always use my wasteboard as the reference as well. I’d just set the thickness to 0.25" in the project. Then I jog to the surface of the wasteboard or to the piece of tape on the wasteboard and, using the console, send G10L20 Z-0.25, assuming inches.
It will only cut down to that point. I only bother to measure the material if I’m cutting aluminum.

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