Through holes: boring bits, Forstner, other?

Newbie question: my simple project involves 20 boards, each with about 100 1/2" through holes in 3/4" MDF. Does it make sense to use a 1/2" Forstner or other similar bit at slow speeds rather than a flute? A boring bit? Wouldn’t that be faster/more efficient? Thanks.

you would not want to use a forstner bit on the cnc machine they are not designed to do that

I would just pocket all of the holes and let it do its thing

if you had a 1/2" collet you could use a 1/2" drill bit

but I would just use a 1/4" end mill and spiral ramp into each hole creating a 1/2" hole

a brad point or dowel drill would work if you could find one in .5" or 13mm

Thanks for the advice.