Tiki Dice Tower

I used VCarve to adapt the Tiki Dice Tower on Thingverse
Adding Dog Bones and T bones to the corners.

The finished carve.
I used a 60deg v bit for the tiki face and a 1/8" ball nose for the rest.
This was a problem. As soon and the bit cut all the way through the plywood it would start to pull the whole sheet up off the table.
I defiantly need to get a 1/8" downcut bit for this.
Also the plywood was not laying flat on the work surface so some places it did not cut through all the way.
I think a vacuum hold down would work well for this kind of project.
(One more upgrade on the list :wink: )

The initial fitting. I had to sand and trim this a bit by hand to get it to go together.

The final assembly after staining.
After staining it fit together a lot better. I am not sure why. Maybe the stain made things shrink just a bit?


For thin materials, I place screws inside the pattern to keep the material flat on the wasteboard.

I was thinking of that as it was happening (I would up using a push stick to hold it down my hand) but I did not have enough space between objects to do it on the fly. Later on I will allow space for it.

Though I would really like to give a vacuum clamp a try just so I don’t have to use tabs.