Tiling a carve from Fusion 360

Hi everyone I currently have a 4x2 X Carve Pro and design my pieces primarily using Fusion 360. Up until now I’ve managed to keep most of my work under the 24” limit without tiling much.

I have just designed a circular piece that has a 36” diameter so there’s really no way to get the piece to carve without either splitting it in Fusion and carving it as two separate pieces or somehow getting Easel to tile it like it would a piece designed in Easel.

Anyone have any advice? Should I just split it in Fusion and glue it up? Thanks in advance for any insight people can share. Be well.

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Are you doing the CAM in F360 and exporting the Gcode then importing that into Easel to send to the CNC?
If so then you’d need to perform the tiling within F360 and export 2 gcode files.

If you’re designing in F360 and exporting the design as a SVG/DXF then importing that into Easel and doing the CAM in Easel, then you would be able to use Easel’s integrated Tiling Feature pretty easily…

I never imported using the SVG/DXF option. I’ll give that a try. Thanks so much for your response.

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I just tile my toolpaths in Fusion 360. If you share your file I can show you what I do.

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Excuse me for being a little slow but would I attach the file as an .STL for you to look at it?

No. Just export the f3d file. You can add it to a zip file if the forum doesn’t allow you to upload the f3d. Send it in a private message if you don’t want the file public.


Tripwire update 2023 v4.f3d (7.4 MB)

Here’s the file. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Have a good day.

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