Tiling a flag

hello everyone, new to X carve about 2 months now. I have the 1000 X carve. Recently I’ve been challenged to create a flag that’s 48 inches long. I keep hearing it can be done manually. I am Easel pro. can someone please explain to me how do one create 2 files. how does one cut the flag? I’ve tried every video on youtube, I’ve tried posting here or it got lost. I’ve reached out on social media groups. I still do not understand how one does this.

What’re you cutting?
Got a file started?
Have you watched @PhillipLunsford’s videos?

thank you for responding. I haven’t heard of that video. I will go there now. I am cutting into MDF

it’s nothing fancy. just a flag I saw on line. I cropped it and have it in front of me now. image is on easel. for the life of me I don’t understand how to cut the pic into 2 tiles. even if that’s the process.

You don’t need to “cut” it. Just cover half with a white (zero depth) rectangle.

@CrystalReyes. Here is a video on flags. I’m philliplunsford with Paw paw’s Workshop https://youtu.be/jfnNfeCctwc

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How did the Flag turn out?